The Cherry Bitters Experience

As I’ve mentioned before, Jamie Bourdreau’s blog has been a favored site to find inspiration for direction in the cocktail kitchen.  I reported on my experience with Jamie’s Amer Picon Clone.  Today, I’ll talk about my experience with Jamie’s Cherry Bitters recipe (wow).  I started down this path in early January and followed the recipe more »


Lemon and Honey

Just a quick post of a fairly successful cocktail experiment I’m calling Lemon and Honey.  It needs a little refining but I bet it’s going to be my goto cocktail next cold season! Lemon and Honey: 2oz.   Hayman’s Old Tom Gin 1oz.   Lemon Juice 1oz    Barenjager Honey Liqueur .5oz.  Cointreau 10 drops Bob’s Liquorice Bitters Shake and more »