In my About Rock page, I tell the story of how I came to work with precious and semi-precious metals around the middle of 2004 (Go ahead… Go read it.  I’ll wait).

Like everything that manages to hold my long-term interest (except family and friends of course) I come to it and set it aside with some regularity.  Still, I think it’s fair to say that metalwork has settled in as my goto form of artistic expression.

Metalwork brings so many of my favorite things together in one media.  Specifically:

  • fire
  • melting things
  • burning things
  • hammering (with the right hammers, it’s like working in clay)
  • chemistry
  • small-scale and large-scale possibilities
  • tools (lots and lots of tools)
  • a huge range of techniques to learn
  • and finally, lighting things on fire.

In this bloglet, I’ll keep notes on techniques as I learn them and revisit some things I learned in the past.  I’ll also post some photos of my work (at least work that I am happy with).

I should also probably say here that at this time, I’m not terribly interested in selling my metal work.  That may change in the future but for now, I have a day job and I’m content to make for myself, my family and friends.  I’ll make occasional exceptions but I don’t want this activity to become a job just yet.

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