The Raspberry Todd

Friends dropped by this evening to eat pork.  So of course, I had to make a few cocktails. This one was worth remembering: 2oz.                     Remy Martin VSOP (also delicious with bourbon) 1oz.                     Carpano 2 barspoons      Raspberry Sauce (Becky’s) 1 dash                 Balsamico (the thick syrupy stuff) 1 dash                 Rich Simple (more for mouth feel than sweetness) 8ish drops         Cardamom tincture more »





Berry Classic

Dana thinks it tastes like a berry of some kind. I’m not sure but it’s nicely balance between sweet and tart. 1.5oz Beefeaters Gin .75oz Cherry Heering .75oz Capano Antica .25oz Gran Classico Bar spoon Lemon Juice Shake. Up. Garnish as you wish but it’s not necessary


Cherry Camaro

I’ve not made a different cocktail since tasting the drink from my early October post “A Spectacular Amaro Cocktail From the Web“.  I mean, why bother?  Really? Well everything gets meh over time and I guess I needed a break.  On the other hand, it’s such a good cocktail, I thought I’d formulate a relative. more »






I wanted to experiment with Gran Classico Bitter.  This one is good but a bit of a light weight somehow.   Needs a little something…  Not sure what right now: Mongrel: 2oz.               Bullit Rye .75oz.           Dubonnet Rouge .33oz.           Maraschino Liqueuer .25oz.           Gran Classico Bitter 8-10 drops Cherry Bitters Stir/Up  Garnish?