Golden Raspberry Smash

In the garden, I’m no different than I am in any other part of my life.  That is to say, I’m intermittently intensely interested.  The rest of the time, the garden sees a lot of neglect. This is a cocktail recipe that might keep me engaged; at least in one small part of the yard. We have more »


I wanted to experiment with Gran Classico Bitter.  This one is good but a bit of a light weight somehow.   Needs a little something…  Not sure what right now: Mongrel: 2oz.               Bullit Rye .75oz.           Dubonnet Rouge .33oz.           Maraschino Liqueuer .25oz.           Gran Classico Bitter 8-10 drops Cherry Bitters Stir/Up  Garnish?

The Longest Day

Another fine cocktail made with the Pear Infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon first described here. The Longest Day –  invented (appropriately enough) on the Summer Solstice, 2012.   I had just made Dana a “Northwest Danish” cocktail.  One of Kathleen Manley’s creations down at The Highlife  (1.5oz Alborg Aquavit, .75oz  Berentzen Apple,  barspoon lemon juice, barspoon vanilla more »


Not really my recipe but one I tweaked and don’t want to lose because it’s really good.  Of course, I can’t think of a cocktail with Maraschino that isn’t really good. The Cardinal: 2oz.             Pompero Aniversario Ron Anejo Rum. .75 oz         Maraschino Liqueur barspoon  Cointreau barspoon  Grenadine more »

My Tongue is Numb!

An experiment with Clément Créole Shrubb: The orange in the Shrubb is pretty strong.  It made the sides of my tongue a little numb.  Not altogether unpleasant… 2oz.                  Rittenhouse Rye 1oz.                  Clément Créole Shrubb .25 (shy)       more »

Jonathan’s Manhattan

I make my living as an IT consultant here in Seattle.  One of my long time clients is Lisa Dupar Catering.  LDC has a restaurant called Pomegranate Bistro which is in Redmond Washington; more or less in the same space as their giant catering kitchen.  They recently opened a bar and have been enthusiastically working to more »

Apples and Oranges

Good greif.  This is a rambly post but it does end in a good cocktail so I think it’s worth it. I’ve totally lost track of time.  However, I think that in fall of 2010 I was poking around on CocktailDB for recipe ideas and kept finding recipes with ingredients that no longer exist.  Forbidden Fruit and more »

The Cherry Bitters Experience

As I’ve mentioned before, Jamie Bourdreau’s blog has been a favored site to find inspiration for direction in the cocktail kitchen.  I reported on my experience with Jamie’s Amer Picon Clone.  Today, I’ll talk about my experience with Jamie’s Cherry Bitters recipe (wow).  I started down this path in early January and followed the recipe more »


My favorite cocktails of late all include Rye, Maraschino and Fernet Branca.  I thought I should mix it up a bit so this is a start.  No Maraschino and no Rye but it seems somehow related.  A nice change of pace actually.  Thanks! (that’s what Tak means in Danish).   1.5oz         more »

The Amer Boudreau (Amer Picon Clone) experience.

A few months ago I posted a recipe (a knock off really) of a cocktail I called “Shades of Things to Come”.  The cocktail was based on Jaime Bourdreau’s “Nirvana” Cocktail found in his post about making an Amer Picon Clone.  It was my impatient response to the fact that his cocktail sounded great, juxtaposed more »