Meyer’s Sidecar

Last night’s pork fest also yielded this specific Sidecar varient (voted Best Sidecar Ever by 2 out of 2 revelers): 2oz.          Remy Martin VSOP <.75oz      Solerno Blood Orange Liqueuer 1oz.           Meyer’s lemon juice Shaken, up (sugared rim?  Didn’t seem necessary but I think I would like it).  

The Raspberry Todd

Friends dropped by this evening to eat pork.  So of course, I had to make a few cocktails. This one was worth remembering: 2oz.                     Remy Martin VSOP (also delicious with bourbon) 1oz.                     Carpano 2 barspoons      Raspberry Sauce (Becky’s) 1 dash                 Balsamico (the thick syrupy stuff) 1 dash                 Rich Simple (more for mouth feel than sweetness) 8ish drops         Cardamom tincture more »

Pineapple! (word)

This should probably go on the Word! post but it was so surprising, I thought it should have its own post. This cocktail smells *just* like pineapple juice.  Really!  You could put this in front of me for breakfast and I would have a hard time knowing that it was booze.  This is the definition more »

Summer Come Early

It was time to open the Dolin Blanc that I bought a month or so ago. For those unfamiliar, Dolin Blanc is an odd ball in that it is a sweet white vermouth.  This was my first experiment and it has a bit of a dry “Last Word” feel to it.  Very nice and refreshing. more »

Smoky Pete

OK…  I think I might be phoning it in on these cocktail names. I’m also starting to think this blog has served it’s purpose.  Namely as a place to keep notes related to my education in spirits.  I feel like I’ve come to a place where I can walk up to a liquor cabinet and more »

Berry Classic

Dana thinks it tastes like a berry of some kind. I’m not sure but it’s nicely balance between sweet and tart. 1.5oz Beefeaters Gin .75oz Cherry Heering .75oz Capano Antica .25oz Gran Classico Bar spoon Lemon Juice Shake. Up. Garnish as you wish but it’s not necessary