I’ve not made a different cocktail since tasting the drink from my early October post “A Spectacular Amaro Cocktail From the Web“.  I mean, why bother?  Really?

Well everything gets meh over time and I guess I needed a break.  On the other hand, it’s such a good cocktail, I thought I’d formulate a relative.

Since I really like Rye and Maraschino together,  and since my Amaro Cocktail is based on a guess at Jeff Seymour’s “The Camaro” (from Interurban in Portland Oregon and which I’ve never actually had or been to).  I thought I’d homage this sucka and create the Cherry Camaro.

Oh yeah,  It’s bitchen!

1.5 OZ     Bullit Rye
.75 OZ    Campari
-.5OZ       Maraschino (easy to over do it so be gentle)
.5OZ         Cynar


Stir, Up, Wide orange peel

Unknown source



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