3×2 Collaborative Exhibit between ISGB and SMG

One of the greatest pleasures I have as a result of being with Dana (apart from Dana herself) is that I have been introduced to, and in some cases grown close(ish) to some very skilled and fascinating people in the world of Art Jewelry. A couple of those people are Cynthia Toops and Dan Adams.  Cynthia works in a more »

Golden Raspberry Smash

In the garden, I’m no different than I am in any other part of my life.  That is to say, I’m intermittently intensely interested.  The rest of the time, the garden sees a lot of neglect. This is a cocktail recipe that might keep me engaged; at least in one small part of the yard. We have more »


I wanted to experiment with Gran Classico Bitter.  This one is good but a bit of a light weight somehow.   Needs a little something…  Not sure what right now: Mongrel: 2oz.               Bullit Rye .75oz.           Dubonnet Rouge .33oz.           Maraschino Liqueuer .25oz.           Gran Classico Bitter 8-10 drops Cherry Bitters Stir/Up  Garnish?