Another fine cocktail made with the Pear Infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon first described here.

The Longest Day –  invented (appropriately enough) on the Summer Solstice, 2012.   I had just made Dana a “Northwest Danish” cocktail.  One of Kathleen Manley’s creations down at The Highlife  (1.5oz Alborg Aquavit, .75oz  Berentzen Apple,  barspoon lemon juice, barspoon vanilla extract – served in a rocks glass with pellet ice).

I was noodling about the barspoon measures and bourbon and this is what occurred to me:

The Longest Day:

2 oz.               Pear Infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon
.75 oz.            Berentzen Apple
barspoon      Lemon juice
barspoon      Maraschino
8-10 drops   Cherry Bitters

Shake vigorously (but breifly) to emulsify the lemon and serve in a rocks glass over a large piece of ice.

I like how it changes visually over time.


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