As I’ve mentioned before, Jamie Bourdreau’s blog has been a favored site to find inspiration for direction in the cocktail kitchen.  I reported on my experience with Jamie’s Amer Picon Clone.  Today, I’ll talk about my experience with Jamie’s Cherry Bitters recipe (wow).  I started down this path in early January and followed the recipe pretty much measure for measure except that I boosted the star anise (I like anise).  A few days ago I decanted(?) the barrel to find my shy 2ish gallons of bitters had dwindled by almost half.  The recipe called for the addition of 2 liters of water which would sooth the accountant in me and I’m sure that’d be fine but honestly, the warmth of the bitters out of the barrel was just too compelling to water down.  A really a nice piece of work Mr. Boudreau.

I’m now poking around trying to find a way to showcase the bitters in a cocktail.  This is a new orientation for me.  I’ve been working from the starting point of a spirit or liqueur and build from there.  To start with bitters is a bit of a stretch for me (and fun at that).

Here are tonight’s experiments (both reasonably successful).


If I ordered this in a bar, I’d be happy with it.  Not sure if I’d order a second.  The Laphroig might be a bit over-kill.  Maybe a few drops instead of a dash…

2oz             1800 Anejo Tequila
1oz              Lillet Blanc
.75oz         Stirring’s Ginger Liqueur
.25oz         Fernet Branca
Dash          Laphroig 10 year Scotch
12 drops  Cherry Bitters

Stir/up – Garnish lemon twist

Cherry Two:

I’ll make this again.  Thinking about halfing the Amaretto and adding .25oz Cherry Heering or some sort of Chocolate Liqueur.

2oz            Ransom Old Tom Gin
1oz             Carpano Antiqua
.33oz         Amaretto
12 drops  Cherry Bitters

Stir/up – Garnish lemon twist

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