An outstanding experiment modeled on the proportions of the Last Word; four ingredients, equal parts.  This is a tart raspberry in a glass.
Be aware though;  this is one of those cocktails that is better when it’s cold, right out of the shaker.  That’s why it’s sized a little smaller than I would typically make the Last Word (1 ounce measures).

.75oz     Beefeater Gin
.75oz     Amaro Nonino
.75oz     Clear Creek Raspberry Liqueur
.75oz     Lemon Juice

Shake with vigor, strain into a cocktail glass.  (Note: Personally, I enjoy this cocktail with the shards of ice created from shaking *gasp*.  Thus, I don’t double strain this one).

Update:  Further experimentation suggests that this “4 ingredients in equal parts with one of the parts being Lemon or Lime juice” contraption has legs to run with.  I just made a Gin, Ramazzotti, pear liqueur and lemon juice drink that for me, is tastier than the raspberry drink described above.  Watch this space for results of other variants.

  • Very tasty:
    Gin, Ramazzotti, Clear Creek pear liqueur and lemon juice
    Gin, Amaro Bassano, Domaine de Canton, lemon juice.
    Old Overholt Rye, Noilly Pratt Rouge, Clear Creek Cassis Liqueur, Lime Juice (this one’s drier/tart).
    Ransom Old Tom Gin, Ramazzotti, Drambui, Lime (think Lemon would be better).
    Bombay Sapphire Gin, Carpano Antica, Campari, Lemon (and cheating a bit now: .25-.5oz Maraschino).
    Beefeater Gin, Gran Classico, Cointreau, Lemon (finally a good use for GC!)
    Appleton Estate 12 year Rum, Swedish Punsch, Domaine de Canton, Lime, (plus an optional barspoon of Orgeat for a Mai Tai vibe).
  • Meh:
    The raspberry concoction that started this post…  I should try with other berry liqueurs…
  • I’m not making that again:
    Gin, Ramazzotti, Kirschwasser and Lime (dumped it.  Needs some sweetness; maybe Cherry Heering instead of Kirsch?  Maraschino would almost certainly work?)

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