Yeah, it’s an unfortunate name but I assure you; it doesn’t affect the flavor…

Opens with lemon zest and milt sweetness then widens on the palate – finishes with a mild ginger hit.  Better as it warms.

Mosquito Repellent:

2oz.        Beef Eater Gin (I first made it with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin which was good but maybe a little too sweet)
1oz.        Cocchi Americano (Lillet Blanc works in a pinch but the quinine bitter of the Cocchi really adds here)
.75oz    Domain de Canton (Stirrings Ginger Liqueur’s gingerier ginger flavor works very nice too – albeit a little sweeter)

Stir, up with a lemon twist (See note!)

Note!  Use a good, fresh, thick-skinned lemon.  Hold the lemon and channel knife directly over the glass so that the oil that sprays off the peel heads straight for the surface of the drink.  Forgive my pendantism.  I know you already know that but it’s really important for this drink.

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