My name is Geoffrey Barker.  I am simultaneously ‘very curious’ and ‘easily distracted’.  As a result, a number of interests and skills have stuck to me over the years.  I have explored some of these interests more deeply than others.  Some have recieved more attention to craft or depth of knowledge than others.   Still, I wouldn’t say that I am expert in any of them.  I am a “serial enthusiast” and I enjoy finding out what it is to do a thing right.  Not necessarily so that I can do the thing, just that I want to know how it would be done.  Thus, I hope this blog will chronicle my current and future interests (and maybe save me from having to rediscover a thing over and over).

My plan for this blog is to create several blogs within a blog.  I’m not yet sure if that’s cool in the blogosphere but this is mostly for me so that’s how it’s going to be.  The ‘bloglets’ (I bet I didn’t coin that word) will each cover a certain area of interest in my life.  I expect there will be posts related to my profession but more of it will relate to my avocational interests.

There you go!  My pretentious home page!

Note, I am still figuring this thing out so give me a few weeks before you start telling me about blank pages and broken links etc.  Thanks, the management

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