A work in progress…

1oz Rittenhouse Bonded Rye 1oz Laphroig .75oz Maraschino .25oz Fernet Branca 1 dash Angostura 1 dash Regan’s Orange Bitters 1 dash Bitter Truth Xocolotl Mole Bitters Will update (or delete) later

You’ve Probably Had Something Like This Before

Dana really likes this but I made it for myself based on a desire for a bright and light cocktail.  It’s quite good but similar in palate to a couple of other cocktails I’ve had.  I guess that’s OK. Here it is, the “You’ve Probably Had Something Like This Before” cocktail: 2oz        Bombay Saphire Gin 1oz.       Cocchi Americano more »

The Gateway Video

The Gateway Cocktail from Sylvia Kantor on Vimeo. A stop motion video created by my friend Sylvia Kantor for a video class. We made the “Shades of Things to Come” – which Sylvia calls the “Gateway (to whiskey) Cocktail”.  Unfortunately, that’s not particularly obvious.  Maybe we could do it again but this time, maybe we’ll more »

Mosquito Repellent

Yeah, it’s an unfortunate name but I assure you; it doesn’t affect the flavor… Opens with lemon zest and milt sweetness then widens on the palate – finishes with a mild ginger hit.  Better as it warms. Mosquito Repellent: 2oz.        Beef Eater Gin (I first made it with Hayman’s Old Tom Gin which was good more »

The Turin Test

A quite successful bittered cocktail that starts with chocolate/orange and finishes with a lingering mild astringent bitter. The Turin Test: 2oz.     Cognac 1oz.      Ramazzotti .25oz.   Gran Classico Bitter 8 drops Bitter Cube Blackstrap bitters Stir, up with an orange twist.  

Islay Park

A while ago I was looking online for cocktail recipes that include Ramazzotti.  I found a nice cocktail called the Central Park.  The Cocktailia blog says it comes from Portobello in PDX which is on my list of places to visit (I live in Seattle after all and while Portland may have a Seattle complex, secretly, more »

2009 – A vase I wish I had not let go of so soon.

One of the pleasant aspects of making is that occasionally one may create a thing that one quite likes (sorry, I’ve been watching Downton Abbey and that english phrasing just kind of leaks in).  Eventually though, you end up with too many things.  Then you have the pleasure of letting them go.  I sort of feel that I let this more »

Blogs within blogs

Howdy, My name is Geoffrey Barker.  I am simultaneously ‘very curious’ and ‘easily distracted’.  As a result, a number of interests and skills have stuck to me over the years.  I have explored some of these interests more deeply than others.  Some have recieved more attention to craft or depth of knowledge than others.   Still, I wouldn’t say that more »