A couple of months ago, I bought a bottle of Liquore Strega (cuz it had a cool label).  Bonus!  It’s very tasty.

  • The CocktailDB.com description claims:
    Proprietary Italian mild colorless herbal liqueur. Very delicate.

Hmmm.  The bottle I have is bright yellow and has a strong herbal palette with notes of wintergreen and or sassafrass.  I would not call it delicate.  Does anyone know when or if the formula changed?

Anyway, I was hunting through cocktaildb.com for some suggestions for the Liquore Strega and came across the Rendevous Cocktail.  While it was good, I found it to be way too sweet and the Strega overpowering.  After massaging the proportions (over a few evenings experiments) I felt like I found the sweet spot;  so to speak.

Dana really liked this cocktail but wanted to tweak it further and suggested Clear Creek Pear Liqueur instead of the Cherry Heering.  Bang!  One of Dana’s favorite cocktails is born.

Dana’s Rendevous:

2oz. Cognac
.75oz. Clear Creek Pear Liqueur
.5oz. Liquore Strega

Stir and serve up in a coupe with a lemon twist.


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