Dana’s Rendevous

A couple of months ago, I bought a bottle of Liquore Strega (cuz it had a cool label).  Bonus!  It’s very tasty. The CocktailDB.com description claims: Proprietary Italian mild colorless herbal liqueur. Very delicate. Hmmm.  The bottle I have is bright yellow and has a strong herbal palette with notes of wintergreen and or sassafrass.  I would not more »

Lemon and Honey

Just a quick post of a fairly successful cocktail experiment I’m calling Lemon and Honey.  It needs a little refining but I bet it’s going to be my goto cocktail next cold season! Lemon and Honey: 2oz.   Hayman’s Old Tom Gin 1oz.   Lemon Juice 1oz    Barenjager Honey Liqueur .5oz.  Cointreau 10 drops Bob’s Liquorice Bitters Shake and more »

Shades of Things to Come (aka The Gateway)

One of my favorite sources of information to get me poking around the liquor store and then in the kitchen is Jamie Boudreau’s blog. Recently, I came across an old post about a “Make Your Own” recipe for Amer Picon. Now, I don’t know anything about Amer Picon but I’m decidedly curious about stuff I more »